Tantric Goddess Ritual

This is the spiritual and physical ritual to honor and appreciate your female body and sexuality.

A holistic massage and at the same time magical-shamanic ceremony. Sensuality, erotic and sexual energy are invited. A sacred space of experience is created.


This tantra massage is for  women who want to explore, heal or transform  themselves.  And for epicures who want to feel deeply touched by another woman.



Tantric massage has a lot in common with slow sex. With lots of time, curiosity and



attention to detail. It is often referred to as "unintentional".


It appears so to women in comparison to hastier and  purely in the genital area remaining, mechanical "stimulation". In fact, the massage is based on a very mindful attitude, carried out with the following intention. The sexual energy will be brought to flow as a personal and universal life force. As full-body vitality, from the toes to the tips of your hair ...









Erotische Feminität




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