During the Original Tantric Massage you experience the connection of redeeming body sensation, spirit and feeling. You cultivate sensuality and eroticism with dignity.


In this pure and purely classical process, you will be touched throughout the body, slowly and rhythmically pampered to the climax. Your attention is focused on dedication and lustful deep relaxation. Like a fulfilling meditation that suddenly becomes erotic. The roles are now clearly distributed: in the receiving part you remain passive. You need - and you should do nothing.


This is a secret dream for many. For some others it is a challenge that is worthwhile. Actively releasing impulses strengthens the ability to sustain energy and arousal at a high level, to slide into ecstasy.

Erotic Tantra - Ecstatic Sensuality

Based on the conscious and respectful attitude of the Tantric healing massage and the strong form of the erotic ritual, you will experience the extension of the Tantric space and the extension of the classical boundaries in this individually and personally oriented massage creation.


You know your preferences or want to open new gates? Here lust-enhancing elements are included and ecstatic sensuality is cultivated.  This explorative session is aimed at curious, extraordinary and playful individuals and couples.




 Erotic Tantra Exploration

Erotic tantric massage with fun and fantasy:

After personal consultation also as an individual journey of discovery, holding space for sensual games and exploration.

  - Escort, SPA, event and travel companion

  - Coaching for Conscious Sensual Touch, mutual massage

  - Extended Tantric ritual




Moment of Intimacy - Tantric Escort for Couples



Couples and lovers desire renewed inspiration to perpetuate and excel their sexual and emotional bonding.  Tantric escort for couples provides exactly that. As detached partner in the couples journey I serve as catalist, opening up greater opportunities, waking up more lust. I will ignite your inner energy and bring the couple to new hights of sexual craving and desire.


This erotic ritual will be framed by classical tantric massage and can be a proposal to go slightly beyond the boarders, following your couples needs.



Under my warm, caring guidance dormant emotions might reawaken, secret and hidden wishes might become reality.


This holistic tantric experience offers new levels of mindfulness, as a booster for connection and love.