Are you available for a massage today?


Please tell me time, place, and duration for your desired massage, and I will make it possible. Otherwise, I propose you  an alternative. To finalize your booking please confirm and provide your contact number. Of course, absolute discretion is granted. Anonymous calls are not answered.


How soon can you come? Can I come now to your place?


Outcall to the luxury hotel or mobile massage service privately at your home can be realized quickly and spontaneously. Call directly for this.


Can I come now to your place?


In the massage studio is currently only with luck spontaneously an appointment available, please reserve within a day's notice in advance if possible.


How far are you still away? /Are you close now?


 I arrive punctually at the agreed time to your hotel, to your room or to the meeting point. Since I am usually cycling on the road, especially during short-term express massage, every message (pause, bring out phone, unlock, read , tapping the answer) takes up valuable time and leads to delays so please renounce to write me during my direct arrival messages to ask where exactly I am now.

What happens during your Tantric massage and where did you learn that?


My professional training in tantric massage started many years ago at the Spiritual Tantra Center in Berlin and was accomplished according to the standards of the Tantric Massage Association (TMV). The current television documentary of the WDR from 11.07. 2019 gives authentic insights into such a professional tantra massage seminar. "Naked and touched - What is Tantra?" -so the title-shows the motives of the people who visit it, their enriching experiences and challenges that one can encounter there.  Here you also get an idea that the Tantric worship ritual is not only about what, but also how and the inner Attitude goes, which is also reflected in my sessions.


The docu runs for 1 year in the in the series people close up and on youtube.


The docu runs for 1 year in the  wdr Mediathek the series people close up  and on youtube 

Anyone who would never attend such a seminar, but dreams of an intimate setting for the tantric expansion of their own abilities, can do so in a coaching session with me - alone or as a couple ...

Okay and what does the massage include - for me as a man?


The Moment of Touch Tantra massage includes a ritual worship, a varied and individually tailored massage of the entire body with holding elements, tender and deep touches, energetic strokes. We are both naked at the massage. Your genital area is carefully included and tantrically massaged. Depending on the duration of the session sexual-ecstatic states are sought. An energetic climax is usually possible if there are no health restrictions and no holding on strong unconscious blockades. Of course, the Taoist version, in which the force is not discharged in orgasm, but directed through the body by strokes is practicable on request.


What is the difference between the classic and the erotic version?


In the classic original Tantric massage, you remain purely passive in your receiving role. You meditate by giving yourself completely to the relaxation. You do not need to do anything while you are getting massaged and skilfully pampered your entire body. It's not about interaction, but about  you and your sensual ecstasy. This clear role distribution allows deep release.

In the erotic version, the boundaries can be softened - with appropriate chemistry and high awareness. It is still hold as a holistic and spiritual setting. In any case, you receive from me as a trained and experienced tantramasseur a full-body energetic-erotic massage, with openness to what the alchemy of our encounter still holds out beyond.


May I touch you during the erotic massage?



How far and intensively a mutual contact can go depends on whether our bodies speak the same sensual language ... Details are left to your  imagination, can not be ordered as a menu, depend on chemistry and the star constellation of the moment, and would happen consensual and safe. Without hearing the sound of your voice, admiring your aesthetic and well-groomed appearance, recognizing your pleasant smell, and feeling your waking tone, I will not make any predictions, promises or guarantees about this. If in doubt, I recommend a Sensual Coaching as an introduction or deepening in tantric art.


 There are still a few weeks to go until our session: how can I prepare myself / get in the mood for the massage?


In the short version sion: stop and breathe. Deep and long.

Anything that promotes the different key elements of mindfulness, ecstasy, pleasure, sensuality, makes sense  and might end up in becoming a comprehensive yoga lifestyle or profound tantric philosophy of life.

 The breath is one of the most important bases for the particularly energizing effect of the massage. Any form of breathing exercise is ideal for preparation. As a conscious deep breath during favorite sports, when climbing stairs, swimming, in yoga or Tai Chi practise.

Mindfulness, relaxation and silent meditation also contain a lot of inspiration, not only as a strict ascetic discipline but also in connection with pleasure as in wellness, SPA and sauna.

On the other hand, any activity that allows you to let go through exhaustion or exstasis, such as ecstatic dancing, strength training, intense sports, dynamic meditation, is effective.

To treat your body as the temple for your soul  might include every attitude of appreciation and also cultivating desire through exercise, shaping, care, healthy nutrition and detoxification (detox).

You can also tune in inwardly with the magical help of the elements of fire, water, air and earth.


We are visiting Berlin and I would like to surprise my partner with a tantric massage - do you think this is a good idea?


If you know your partner as a sensual connoisseur, know that she loves massages and may secretly wish for such an adventure - absolutely. In this case, great to see her surprised faces when the announced massage service turned out to be a very special lady.


You might think about what suits you best:


do you want to leave us alone during this time?

or do you want to witness the Tantra ritual?

do you want to leave us alone during this time?

Remember that you will not be watching an action performance, but you will slow down and quietly witness  intimate moments

Maybe you also want to participate under my guidance?

Is the massage intended as a pure gift?

or as an erotic foreplay?

Would you like to enjoy a massage for yourself afterwards?

 Is it intended as a pure tantra massage as a gift - or an erotic-tantric adventure for three?


If you have the idea of wanting to solve an erotic or emotional blockage in the other with a tantra massage as a gift, remember that this decision  lies within the affected person herself. She will receive the gift as it pleases her, which may then be a spiritual reiki massage or a sensual full body massage.



Is a prostate massage possible?


A prostate massage is possible from a session duration of 2 hours or more as part of the tantric massage or dark side tantra BDSM session. It is not bookable as a single sequence. A thorough cleaning by previous enema  is mandatory. A medical enema can be provided by me on site (then please allow 20 minutes extra) or you do this ideally in advance.

Can I have a quick shower before the massage?

Please take the time to shower in detail before the massage, as every part of the entire body is massaged. In the studio there is an opportunity to take a shower. I also appear freshly showered, showering together is not offered by me. Exclusive bathing rituals are possible in the inviting ambience of a suite at the Ritz Carlton, Adlon, Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Sofitel or similar luxury hotel.


I am a student /aspiring artist / the price is too high / we are a young couple, is a discount possible?


Special offers, discounts or swaps are possible on certain conditions and can be requested if required.


Can I pay with dollars/rub/other device?


Sure, no problem